We Are: The Mission


We Are A Generation. We are the mission. It’s people that we need. Ordinary & organic leaders, dreamers and doers who want to cultivate community. We love our city, and the people we need to help fix it, are right here. We will empower, go further, work harder, and have full confidence in the the future that we create together.


We know the challenges of our past. We see the opportunities of our future. We see partnerships to build projects left as legacies. What’s next is only forged by the boldness found in how we behave today. Whatever we want our “tomorrow” to look like, we have to build it together.

  • Accept the Mission

    • We Are A Generation is a call to all who’ll answer.
    • This is about actions that produce outcomes.
    • Community is the key. Together is the goal.

  • Access The Objective

    • We are who & what will solve the problem.
    • We are the bodies that will occupy the battlefield.
    • We are issuing our warning. We are coming.

  • Call To Action

    • If you’re reading this, the work’s already begun.
    • Decide now that you will join the fight.
    • We Are A Generation. Find us.